GILL Pro Dinghy Smock

Gill Dinghy Tops are the gold standard for dinghy smocks in the sailing world. You will see more Gill dinghy smocks on adult and junior sailors worldwide than any other smock. The advanced breathable fabric provides ultimate comfort. This is the ideal solution to staying dry in very wet dinghies and keelboats.

Price: $119.00

Pro Dinghy Smock

The Pro Top is ideal for both dinghy sailors and those racing sport boats. Made from a new laminated fabric, which is super soft, it is also extremely breathable and completely waterproof.

Price: $119.00
Juniors: $99.00



4350 Pro Smock Silver/Grey   S M L XL XXL $119.00
4350 Pro Smock Black   S M L XL XXL $119.00
4350 Pro Smock Red   S M L XL XXL $119.00
4350 Pro Smock (Junior) Silver/Grey   JS JM JL     $99.00
4350 Pro Smock (Junior) Black   JS JM JL     $99.00

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